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Call The Experts At SERVPRO If Your Marysville Property Experiences A Disaster

2/29/2020 (Permalink)

home restored after damage “Like it never even happened.”

Benefits for Marysville Residents Choosing SERVPRO for Home Restoration Services

When local Marysville property owners have home disasters requiring cleanups such as water damage from malfunctioning appliances or pipe breaks, fire damage, storm and flood damage, or mold, they need the services of a professional restoration services company.

Water Damage Assistance
If a water loss occurs in a Marysville home resulting in water damage, SERVPRO technicians know that cleanup efforts need to begin as quickly as possible. The longer water remains in the home, the more chance there is for a weakening of building materials and the set up of both foul odors and mold.

The technicians use their vast array of advanced equipment to scope the premises and determine the location of the excessive moisture. Using specialized extraction equipment, they clean up the water and prep the water loss areas for drying. They have training in lowering ambient humidity quickly, using a combination of centrifugal air movers and different types of dehumidification equipment, this fast-action assists in limiting loss for homeowners.

The setting of air moisture goals is crucial to ensure adequate drying to inhibit both musty water odors and mold infestations. Technicians carefully monitor drying and take readings during and after to ensure the water loss area meets preset goals. This procedure inhibits the growth of mold after the completion of water damage cleanup efforts.

Storm and Flood Damage Cleanup
This type of home disaster comes in many forms to Marysville residences, especially sudden flood damage from heavy rains or the Skagit river cresting. Other examples of storm damage include tree limbs hitting roofs, high winds, and hail.

The basic cleanup is the same as in other types of water loss. However, unlike the water expelled from a pipe breaking in a home, groundwater is a class three biohazard, also referred to as "black water" and frequently contains bacteria, sewage, and debris. Even a quarter-inch of sludgy, smelly flood water requires professional removal and disinfection using personal protection gear, which includes respirators to ensure humans do not come into contact with nor aspirate the likely airborne microbes suspended within the moisture of highly humid air.

SERVPRO technicians extract debris and sludge, often using a combination of shovels and trash pumps to expedite the removal process. The handling of the drying process works in much the same way as other water loss cleanup projects. The avoidance of mold growth is a crucial part of storm damage cleanup. Airborne spores remain present inside and outside properties and remain inert until humidity and temperature levels are right for germination.

One of the most significant differences between clean water and black water damage in the home is the need for controlled demolition. Building materials that absorb floodwater have no potential for a return to sanitary standards, and removal occurs using techniques known as flood cuts. This action serves the dual purpose of opening up walls, floors, and ceilings for more significant airflow and allows for faster cleanup and disinfection. The potent antimicrobial and antibacterial range of solutions the technicians utilize enables them to return the home to a pre-flood condition that both smells fresh and is safe for habitation.

Fire Damage Debris Removal
After seeing their home with fire damage, Marysville residents may feel hopeless about seeing their property restored to liveable conditions. With professional restoration methods, it is entirely possible.

Removal of charred debris and water extraction from fire extinguishing efforts occur in tandem to ready the property for needed repairs or reconstruction. Smoke damage cleanup requires special techniques, or it has the potential to increase the surface damage by driving soot more deeply into objects. The technicians test residues to determine if the surfaces are colorfast, bleed, and shrinkage-resistant and do not spot. Using the results, they choose the appropriate cleaning applications.

Removing charred debris and cleaning away smoke damage is a crucial step forward for odor control, but sometimes it is not enough. In cases where the need remains for smoke odor removal, the technicians have numerous techniques and equipment to neutralize foul odors.

In the case of a partial fire, where only a portion of the property received damage, technicians sometimes utilize pack-outs to take undamaged items off-site for secure storage until the fire debris cleanup and reconstruction efforts complete.

Mold Remediation
When other types of disasters happen in a Marysville home, mold damage is a threat. Mold only requires elevated humidity levels, consumable sources, and temperatures that average 70 degrees or better. Sometimes the issue is due to a leak, or inadequate ventilation. Once established, the mold colonies spread throughout the home quickly. That is one of the reasons fast action on any type of water loss in a house is crucial as airborne mold spores have the potential to germinate within 24-hours.

SERVPRO technicians possess the expertise and equipment to halt cross-contamination during remediation through applications such as the establishment of negative air chambers or simple containment blocking off the worksite. After the removal of dried mold colonies, they treat the surfaces to inhibit the return. The homeowners receive a report containing the details of the actions completed, as well as the cause of the mold issue in the home and the necessary repairs required to halt the cause of the mold-favorable conditions.

Much like no two home disasters are alike in Marysville, the restoration service needs are diverse. SERVPRO technicians undergo extensive training in both classroom learning environments as well as hands-on situational training. They learn the best practices as taught using guidelines from the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.)

Technicians have access to an extensive array of advanced technology for applications such as scoping the migration paths of water, testing fibers to ascertain the proper cleaning methods, and determining the best applications to return the home to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington is ready to help local homeowners with any needed restoration services from water damage, fire damage storm, or mold damage by calling (360) 658-0506. The technicians arrive quickly and make the loss to the home, “Like it never even happened.”


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