Water Damage Photo Gallery

poly sheet tenting of water damaged hardwood flooring in a home

Water Damage – Arlington Home

Water damage at this Arlington home wetted the hardwood flooring. This photo shows a method of tenting the wood flooring used by SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington to extract the residual moisture that had worked its way between tongue and groove joints and to the subfloor below.

Flood in a retail store

This flooded clothing store in Skagit County caused a major headache for shoppers and the employees. SERVPRO of Marysville/Arlington was able to get crews out there quickly and get the water extracted promptly.

Basement Flooding

This was a flooded basement in a clothing store. Standing water from a storm in the upstairs had caused the ceiling in the basement to collapse. Our crews were called in the morning following the flood.

Flooding in a warehouse

One of our technicians in the process of mitigating water in a warehouse. Luckily the business owner called us quickly and we were able to get crews out their within 4 hours to begin drying.

Wet Floors

This was a flood caused by a overflowing bathtub. A little problem can turn into a big problem in a blink of a eye. Call your friends and allies at SERVPRO of Marysville/Arlington to assist you.

SERVPRO : Dedicated to Restoration

At SERVPRO of Marysville/Arlington we don't stop at water extraction. We see the job through, and make sure that as many of your possessions are restored back to pre-disaster condition as possible. If you have any questions feel free to call us today!