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The Many Hazards of Marysville Mold Damage

12/1/2022 (Permalink)

Before and after photo of a tub with extensive mold damage When SERVPRO remediates mold, we always check for hidden growth within your Marysville home. Contact SERVPRO for remediation and prevention solutions.

SERVPRO Remediates Residential Mold Damage Fast

Mold and mildewing happen more frequently than many homeowners think, especially in Snohomish County. Moist environmental conditions and groundwater concerns make this feasible in many house areas, including:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry Area
  • Kitchen

While Marysville mold damage does not affect every home and business, it should be dealt with promptly when it appears. Our AMRT-Certified technicians have a rapid response to these emergencies with various antimicrobial products and remediation equipment to help. 

How Threatening is Mold? 

Because many homeowners have witnessed mold growth in their lifetime, they do not associate it with the same destructive capacity as emergencies like fires and flooding. While mold does not have the immediate impact that these other disasters do, it can be detrimental to your life and property if not addressed promptly by the appropriate professionals. Some threats of active mold include:

  • Structural Damage - Mold uses organic matter like wood flooring, trim, drywall, and other materials as a food source for the organism. Prolonged exposure compromises structural integrity. 
  • Fast-Spreading Organisms - Under moist conditions, spores can spread quickly and impact new hosting materials. 
  • Uncomfortable Living Conditions - Comfortable living conditions can become impossible through strong odors from active colonization.

Is Your Home Already Suffering Mold Damage? 

You might not always realize how common mold can be. Many homes unknowingly have colonies developing at this time. With the humidity and moisture content of the environment throughout the Marysville and Pacific Northwest region, structures can quickly meet the atmospheric conditions to support mold colonies in their homes. 

It can be beneficial to recognize some of the signs of active colonization in your home to combat these organisms before they get out of control. Homeowners can look for:

  • Spotting
  • Musty Smells
  • Damp Surfaces

Removing Mold Damage

Eliminating active colonization is often one of the more problematic and challenging aspects of recovery. Remediation is a process that targets only active colonization and causes of mold growth instead of broad claims to remove all spores and signs of mold in a household. Removal practices change based on the severity of colony penetration:

  • Surface - This is when colonies have not yet migrated beyond the outermost layer of a hosting material. At this stage, organisms can still be eliminated by applying sporicidal and antimicrobial products from our inventory. 
  • Embedded - At this stage, mold has begun to penetrate the hosting material beyond the surface layer. More aggressive measures are needed to remove the colony at this point, including sanding and media blasting. 
  • Complete Material - When the entire hosting material has been overwhelmed by intruding mold organisms, the only remaining solution is controlled demolition.

Addressing Byproducts of Colonization

Prolonged mold exposure in the house can ultimately lead to some challenging conditions. Even after much of the remediation is completed, our SERVPRO AMRT-Certified technicians still have to manage several threatening conditions related to the infestation. Some of these include:

  • Odors
  • Structural Damage
  • Refinishing Needs

Full-Service Contractors to Help

Mold infestations target organic matter like drywall as hosting elements to support growing colonies. Using these items as a food source compromises their structural integrity and often requires demolition and replacement. With a team that provides a general contractor license, our SERVPRO professionals can rapidly provide build-back services and reconstruction where necessary after ruinous mold damage. 

Marysville mold damage can impact a home in several ways, and with the potential for hazardous and uncomfortable conditions, it should be addressed as fast as possible. SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington professionals lead the Puget Sound area with remediation and cleanup after mold, so call us when you need it at (360) 658-0506.

The Impact of Water Damage on Marysville Structures

12/1/2022 (Permalink)

Black dog on a green and orange background with the caption “Water Damage? SERVPRO is Here to Help” Bark away your water damage worries and call our SERVPRO team in Marysville.

SERVPRO Can Restore and Repair After Water Damage

With the frequency of water disasters that impact homes and businesses in the area, it is a situation our SERVPRO team must stay prepared to face. Thousands of homes around the Puget Sound have been affected by a range of potential issues, including:

  • Spills
  • Leaks
  • Burst pipes
  • Drainage issues
  • Flooding
  • Broken appliances
  • Freezing

Marysville water damage can be destructive to homes and businesses alike. Still, with buildings like the shopping on Third Street and State Avenues, hundreds of people could be affected by a single emergency. Our SERVPRO team is ready to respond rapidly to mitigate losses and begin drying up damage.

How Does Water Move After Exposure?

Understanding the behavior of water damage throughout a structure allows our responding team to anticipate the paths of moisture migration and set up perimeters of the work zone. When the emergency first occurs, water continually seeks to move to new areas through vapor pressure, absorption, and uninhibited movement. SERVPRO comes prepared to dry all materials that could be impacted by moving moisture.

What Should Be Prioritized for Emergency Services? 

Emergency services are a part of the mitigation process and encompass the earliest actions our professionals can take to combat the damage water can do to a property. We focus on specific tasks designed to prevent harm to the structure or costlier restoration with ruined contents. SERVPRO professionals prioritize:

  • Content Management – This is the relocation, on-site cleaning, or off-site recovery of impacted personal belongings, furniture, and other contents in the house.
  • Extracting Water – This action is the culmination of efforts to remove surface water pooling on the flooring and structural cavities. 
  • Repairing Plumbing – With disasters originating from damaged pipes and plumbing, our licensed contractors must fix these vulnerabilities to restore water service.
  • Controlled Demolition – Sagging materials and compromised building elements are safety concerns and should be removed and discarded.

Removing Water 

Surface water, either visible pooling or impacting the outermost layer of the building material, must be managed rapidly to prevent more significant harm. We have multiple extractors, including pumps and vacuums, capable of handling and removing all standing water concerns to make drying more efficient and direct.

Another potential concern for responding technicians is water that has moved beyond the surface layer. Water can be drawn in by cellulose in wood, and similarly, drywall can be impacted through its porous composition by intruding water. Removing this moisture from the flooring is possible with tools like drying mats.

Thorough Drying Solutions

Drying is one of the universal needs of every water disaster. Between surface water that makes the face of materials moist to penetrative saturation that overwhelms the pores of building materials or infiltrates structural cavities, the need for drying solutions is more widespread than it appears. Air movers can be instrumental in evaporative drying towards a material’s surface. At the same time, positive and negative pressure systems can help our SERVPRO team to regulate moisture and remove water damage from the structural cavities.

Needed Repairs 

Repairs are more of a common need after damage events than many homeowners realize. Beyond the needed replacement of damaged plumbing or broken fixtures, some sensitive materials can quickly become oversaturated and require controlled demolition. With a general contractor license, we are prepared for the multiple reconstruction services to help after water damage.

Marysville water damage can require multiple experts from our team and several tools from our inventory. We quickly evaluate the needs of a residence and begin mitigating damage and drying up impacted building materials shortly after our rapid response team arrives. Call our SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington team whenever disaster strikes at (360) 658-0506.

Full-Service Restoration After Marysville Fire Damage

12/1/2022 (Permalink)

outside of a home with fire damage to the siding SERVPRO can help with any level of fire damage to your Marysville home. Call today for help from the experts.

We Offer Restoration and Repairs for Fire Damage

The recovery of a residence after a fire requires several trained professionals and often hundreds of restoration tools and products. The experience of our FSRT-Certified technicians allows us to have a direct response to a range of hazardous conditions after a fire like:

  • Smoke damage
  • Ruined contents
  • Structural compromise
  • Offensive malodors

With how destructive and overwhelming Marysville fire damage incidents can become, everything from residences to outlet stores requires our SERVPRO team's fast response. We keep vehicles ready to mobilize when every minute counts to get mitigation, and necessary emergency services started. 

The Early Efforts of SERVPRO Professionals

Emergency services and designed mitigation are essential elements of protecting a customer's property and contents. We prioritize and provide a fast response to emergencies with specific goals to promptly begin the overall restoration process. These include:

  • Assessment - Initially, the best way we can help homes after fire damage is to evaluate the scope of post-fire conditions and the needed restoration response to help. 
  • Safety-Conscious Action - Early actions to mitigate loss after fires in homes and businesses prioritize the safety of those involved, including our technicians. We evaluate structural damage, soot concentrations, and airborne soot. 
  • Air Quality Improvement - Circulating particles like smoke solids and soot can threaten Air Quality. We combat this with HEPA 500 air scrubbers and hydroxyl machines for filtration capabilities.
  • Controlled Demolition - It is often needed to implement demolition and discard compromised materials after a fire. This is intended to reduce hazards in most cases. 

The Likelihood of Soot Damage

The properties of soot and the thickness of residues on multiple surfaces require a combination of cleaning and restoration techniques. Soot is common to post-fire recovery and destructive to the property. Some forms of soot fire damage include:

  • Wet Smoke 

These typically result from moist environmental conditions combined with lower temperature fires. These factors create a slow-moving and smoldering type of combustion and heavy subsequent smoke production, coating surfaces with a thick and formidable soot deposit.

  • Dry Smoke 

Hotter and faster-moving fires create thinner and more manageable soot and smoke residue deposit on surfaces. While the residual damage might be easier to clean in most situations, dry smoke fires are often more totally destructive to the structural elements. 

  • Protein Residues 

Kitchen flare-ups are a common cause of fire damage to homes. Grease and burned proteins produce a thick, wet residue that coats surfaces like cabinets and countertops. 

  • Oil Furnace Puffback 

A build-up in the ignition chamber can cause a micro-explosion that hurls ionized soot through the ductwork and into connected rooms. Events can be widespread and also require cleaning of the duct system. 

The Efficient Way to Eliminate Odors

Malodors are an expected byproduct of combustion, yet the severity of these conditions changes based on the burned materials and chemicals involved. Eliminating generated odors after fire damage means using several of our advanced deodorization tools to help. Foggers are heavily used for their vaporous distribution of potent deodorizing products. 

Full-Service Restoration and Recovery

Because we have an experienced division of our workforce with a general contractor license, we have an open door to help with the structural damage and compromise properties experienced after a fire. Puget Sound properties can often need reconstruction after fire disasters, with many of these incidents being slow-moving, smoldering wet smoke conditions. 

Marysville fire damage restoration and recovery feature talented experts on our roster representing multiple niches of the industry. As a full-service restoration approach, we can seamlessly transition between the many phases of post-fire recovery to restore the structure "Like it never even happened." Our SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington team is ready to help 24/7 at (360) 658-0506.

Air Mover Drying During Water Restoration in Marysville Homes

11/30/2022 (Permalink)

a person standing in a room flooded with water Dealing with recent flooding or other storm damage? Contact SERVPRO immediately for water removal and other remediation services. We are standing by.

How Air Movers Help Residential Water Restoration

Water damage is among the most common threats to homes and businesses, so it makes sense that this is the emergency our SERVPRO team prepares most to face. Stocked trailers feature helpful tools like extractors and heaters, but most importantly, we arrive with air movers.

The Importance of Air Movers

When water restoration for Marysville homes must occur, few tools in our inventory carry the weight of this entire process like air movers. Creating a continuous and controlled airflow through the structure is one of the key elements to efficient drying and recovery. There are multiple types of high-velocity air movers in our inventory arriving with the SERVPRO Green Fleet, including:

  • Axial 
  • Centrifugal 
  • Low-Profile 

Overcoming Moisture Barriers

As materials dry, it is common for a cool air barrier to form several inches above the surface of this material. This is created by the moisture emitted during evaporation but creates an obstacle for continuous drying. Centrifugal air movers are designed to focus blasts of air that penetrate this cool barrier with warm air and continue to provide efficient drying results.

Increasing Production Values

Continued and stable production of the drying tools is the objective of our restoration team. We want to produce a constant drying solution wherever wet surfaces exist. We continually monitor the progress of the tools we place in the house and record data in the SERVPRO DryBook software to track this entire process. Repositioning air movers is paramount to effective and efficient evaporation.

Water restoration in Marysville is a product of dozens of drying tools and products working together towards an established recovery goal. One of the key elements in this process is the air mover. Our SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington team will show you the efficiency of our equipment when disasters strike - call today at (360) 658-0506.

What are the Restoration Needs After a Fire in My Marysville Kitchen?

10/2/2022 (Permalink)

a kitchen on fire with flames everywhere Dealing with a kitchen fire can seem hopeless. Call our experienced SERVPRO team 24/7 for effective remediation services and the equipment.

Our SERVPRO Restoration Professionals Can Efficiently Clean, Deodorize, and Reconstruct Your Fire-Damaged Kitchen After a Disaster

There are many needs that your Marysville home has after a fire loss incident, even one that might remain localized to a single room or area of your residence. As destructive as a fire can be, both during the actual combustion and burning of exposed materials and structural elements and afterward with harsh smoke odors, charred remnants and debris, and soot residues. Cleaning and restoring these disasters take a combination of our qualified professionals in our Fire & Smoke Restoration division. 

Understanding the inherent risks of fire damage in Marysville homes can show you the need you have for reputable and fast-responding technicians like our SERVPRO team. With cutting-edge tools and equipment, including deodorizers, media blasting tools, and advanced cleaning equipment, we can help make your damaged house feel like home as soon as possible. 

Should I Do My Damage Assessment?  

Many homeowners consider doing their damage assessments and restoration on their own after a fire loss incident, but this is rarely wise for those inexperienced in recovering fire disasters. While there are ways that you can help if you do not need to relocate from the premises following extinguishment, the full assessment of the property and several other aspects of its restoration should get left to qualified technicians. Our team can identify and perform several tasks through job scoping and disaster evaluation, including: 

  • The spread of damaging effects
  • Cataloging of content and structural damage
  • Identifying the need for controlled demolition
  • Discovering secondary damages like water from extinguishment 

How Complicated is Surface Cleaning After a Fire?  

Black and grey walls are a familiar look to Marysville post-fire properties, but you should not always rush right to cleaning these surfaces. Depending on the present residue, its thickness, and the underlying substrate, there are different approaches to maximize the efficiency of cleaning. The right selection here also limits the potential for marring materials with smearing residues and staining. 

  • Soot  

Cleaning soot is one of the most significant challenges that our professionals face in fire recovery for multiple reasons. Particles of soot are microscopic, so if inhaled, they can seat deeply in the lungs. Inhalation of soot can lead to health effects. Our technicians must wear the appropriate personal protective equipment to clean soot-covered surfaces and be mindful of the thickness of this residue to avoid smear.

  • Residues

Thick residues can exist from the combustion and burning of many chemicals and items in your house. While these are usually not as potentially hazardous as soot can be, cleaning can still vary from one surface to the next. We test clean spots to find the ideal approach to remove damaged materials as soon as possible.

  • Ash and Debris

Cleaning up ash and debris often involves shoveling out charred remnants of building materials and contents throughout the house. Removing debris can be a vital step in reducing the severity and spread of overwhelming effects like harsh odors and circulating soot. 

Is it Necessary to Remove Cabinets after Grease Fires?  

Kitchen fires often originate around the stovetop, making surrounding cabinets one of the first damaged structural fixtures in the room. Depending on the severity of this emergency, effects might be superficial and able to get cleaned. If direct damage occurs to individual cabinet units, they can get removed as necessary to reduce any continued spread of fire loss effects in the room. Our in-house contractors can replace discarded cabinets and repair damages incurred through any burning of the material when these structural elements can get protected. 

How Do Odors Get Neutralized After a Fire Loss? 

Odor removal is one of the vital elements of our thorough fire restoration approach, and this can involve multiple tools in our arsenal. Finding the right tool for the job can save our customers time and ultimately money on the fire recovery that their home needs. 

  • Thermal Fogger

Thermal fogging equipment can superheat deodorization compounds to a misty vapor. In a gaseous state, the deodorizing compound can spread throughout the damaged environment and even penetrate porous materials.

  • Hydroxyl Generator

A machine that produces hydroxyl radicals and harnesses UV cleaning with water droplets in the environment. These tools are ideal for broad open areas and feature onboard HEPA filtration to reduce floating particulates and debris in the air.

  • Ozone Machines

We use ozone generators, which are excellent for neutralizing foul odors, even in porous materials and contents in your home, at our SERVPRO warehouse. The process of creating ozone and its existence in the environment is toxic to living creatures until it dissipates, making our ozone chamber a practical addition to off-site content management and recovery solutions. 

Every fire loss situation is different, so we must remain prepared for whatever your home might need. We arrive with an array of powerful tools and equipment to help with deodorization, cleaning, and controlled demolition. Our SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington team can make fire losses “Like it never even happened,” by calling (360) 658-0506.

Call The Experts At SERVPRO If Your Marysville Property Experiences A Disaster

8/27/2022 (Permalink)

a mold covered corner of the ceiling If you spot mold in your house after a water loss occurs, contact SERVPRO. Our technicians are trained to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Benefits for Marysville Residents Choosing SERVPRO for Home Restoration Services

When local Marysville property owners have home disasters requiring cleanups such as water damage from malfunctioning appliances or pipe breaks, fire damage, storm and flood damage, or mold, they need the services of a professional restoration services company.

Water Damage Assistance

If a water loss occurs in a Marysville home resulting in water damage, SERVPRO technicians know that cleanup efforts need to begin as quickly as possible. The longer water remains in the home, the more chance there is for a weakening of building materials and the set up of both foul odors and mold.

The technicians use their vast array of advanced equipment to scope the premises and determine the location of the excessive moisture. Using specialized extraction equipment, they clean up the water and prep the water loss areas for drying. They have training in lowering ambient humidity quickly, using a combination of centrifugal air movers and different types of dehumidification equipment, this fast-action assists in limiting loss for homeowners.

The setting of air moisture goals is crucial to ensure adequate drying to inhibit both musty water odors and mold infestations. Technicians carefully monitor drying and take readings during and after to ensure the water loss area meets preset goals. This procedure inhibits the growth of mold after the completion of water damage cleanup efforts.

Storm and Flood Damage Cleanup

This type of home disaster comes in many forms to Marysville residences, especially sudden flood damage from heavy rains or the Skagit river cresting. Other examples of storm damage include tree limbs hitting roofs, high winds, and hail.

The basic cleanup is the same as in other types of water loss. However, unlike the water expelled from a pipe breaking in a home, groundwater is a class three biohazard, also referred to as "black water" and frequently contains bacteria, sewage, and debris. Even a quarter-inch of sludgy, smelly flood water requires professional removal and disinfection using personal protection gear, which includes respirators to ensure humans do not come into contact with nor aspirate the likely airborne microbes suspended within the moisture of highly humid air.

SERVPRO technicians extract debris and sludge, often using a combination of shovels and trash pumps to expedite the removal process. The handling of the drying process works in much the same way as other water loss cleanup projects. The avoidance of mold growth is a crucial part of storm damage cleanup. Airborne spores remain present inside and outside properties and remain inert until humidity and temperature levels are right for germination.

One of the most significant differences between clean water and black water damage in the home is the need for controlled demolition. Building materials that absorb floodwater have no potential for a return to sanitary standards, and removal occurs using techniques known as flood cuts. This action serves the dual purpose of opening up walls, floors, and ceilings for more significant airflow and allows for faster cleanup and disinfection. The potent antimicrobial and antibacterial range of solutions the technicians utilize enables them to return the home to a pre-flood condition that both smells fresh and is safe for habitation.

Fire Damage Debris Removal

After seeing their home with fire damage, Marysville residents may feel hopeless about seeing their property restored to liveable conditions. With professional restoration methods, it is entirely possible.

Removal of charred debris and water extraction from fire extinguishing efforts occur in tandem to ready the property for needed repairs or reconstruction. Smoke damage cleanup requires special techniques, or it has the potential to increase the surface damage by driving soot more deeply into objects. The technicians test residues to determine if the surfaces are colorfast, bleed, and shrinkage-resistant and do not spot. Using the results, they choose the appropriate cleaning applications.

Removing charred debris and cleaning away smoke damage is a crucial step forward for odor control, but sometimes it is not enough. In cases where the need remains for smoke odor removal, the technicians have numerous techniques and equipment to neutralize foul odors.

In the case of a partial fire, where only a portion of the property received damage, technicians sometimes utilize pack-outs to take undamaged items off-site for secure storage until the fire debris cleanup and reconstruction efforts complete.

Mold Remediation

When other types of disasters happen in a Marysville home, mold damage is a threat. Mold only requires elevated humidity levels, consumable sources, and temperatures that average 70 degrees or better. Sometimes the issue is due to a leak, or inadequate ventilation. Once established, the mold colonies spread throughout the home quickly. That is one of the reasons fast action on any type of water loss in a house is crucial as airborne mold spores have the potential to germinate within 24-hours.

SERVPRO technicians possess the expertise and equipment to halt cross-contamination during remediation through applications such as the establishment of negative air chambers or simple containment blocking off the worksite. After the removal of dried mold colonies, they treat the surfaces to inhibit the return. The homeowners receive a report containing the details of the actions completed, as well as the cause of the mold issue in the home and the necessary repairs required to halt the cause of the mold-favorable conditions.


Much like no two home disasters are alike in Marysville, the restoration service needs are diverse. SERVPRO technicians undergo extensive training in both classroom learning environments as well as hands-on situational training. They learn the best practices as taught using guidelines from the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.)

Technicians have access to an extensive array of advanced technology for applications such as scoping the migration paths of water, testing fibers to ascertain the proper cleaning methods, and determining the best applications to return the home to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington is ready to help local homeowners with any needed restoration services from water damage, fire damage, storm, or mold damage by calling (360) 658-0506. The technicians arrive quickly and make the loss to the home, “Like it never even happened.”

Clearing Up Garage Flood Damage in Marysville, WA

8/27/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded garage with water covering the floor all the way up to the door Flooding in your garage can be hard to thoroughly dry. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for our professional remediation team’s help. We are standing by.

Clearing Up Garage Flood Damage in Marysville

Flooding can be challenging to tackle, no matter where it occurs in the home. Garages, in particular, can see extensive amounts of damage to supports, drywall, and flooring, not to mention your tools and possessions. Without thorough mitigation, repairs can be costly, and extend beyond removing water, as flooding carries the risk of mold and other contaminants with it.

If your residence requires mitigation of flood damage in your Marysville garage, SERVPRO technicians are ready to answer your call and remove the water. Our team has extensive training in minimizing risk so that homes are safe once more. We emphasize restoring your possessions when it is safe and feasible to do so; SERVPRO works with you to minimize loss of contents and structural materials.

Floodproofing Your Driveway to Prevent Garage Flooding

A common way that flooding gets into garages is through the homeowners' driveway. Here are just four ways that can minimize damage and help keep your garage dry:

  • Install a channel drain. This method works for asphalt driveways that need more rainwater diversion. Fill a 2-3" trench with mortar and top with a drain cover. The trench also needs piping to move water to a nearby tank or drain that redistributes this water into the ground.
  • Use a drainage swale. This system works much like a channel drain, but a drainage swale leads water to a wide, shallow ditch that sends rainwater to nearby gardens, drains, and streets.
  • Rethink your driveway design. Talk to a professional about laying an asphalt driveway with a 2% gradient so water can run away from your home. Let gravity help.
  • Utilize porous asphalt. This low-maintenance material is an excellent floodproofing solution. Instead of resisting water, porous asphalt allows water to pass through and drain into the soil underneath your installation, minimizing flooding and standing water.

How SERVPRO Can Save Your Home

After flooding occurs, or even during a flood, when residential power might be restricted, SERVPRO can come to your home to mitigate loss. We have a variety of power sources, extraction tools, and pumps to remove standing water, and can address silt, dirt, and debris the flood carried in by pressure washing concrete flooring. After cleanup, we can coordinate with service providers to fix damages and restore your garage to its prior condition whenever possible, maximizing safety and sanitation in the process.

SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington can bring you a level of clean that looks, "Like it never even happened." Call (360) 658-0506 today to have technicians at your residence within hours.

A Broken Washing Machine Hose Caused Water to Leak into Various Surfaces in My Property. How Do I Complete the Water Cleanup Process?

8/27/2022 (Permalink)

a puddle of water next to a broken washer Leaking washers can cause a lot of problems in your home. SERVPRO is available to help 24/7 and make it “Like it never even happened.”

Hire SERVPRO Technicians in Maryville to Complete the Water Mitigation Process in Your Property.

Water can destroy most of your valuable content, encourage mold growth, and cause long-term structural problems. Even a small amount of water sipping into various surfaces of your Maryville property can cause significant damage if not dealt with within 48 hours. SERVPRO can help you conduct the water cleanup in a brief period.

Why should I trust your company?

You can trust us because we have trained and experienced technicians who work fast to get you back to your routine and minimize damage. Our technicians can use a wide range of approved techniques to perform water damage mitigation in your Maryville home. Before we leave your home, we can ensure that we restore the affected area to a habitable, dry, and healthy living space.

What should I do during a loss?

Before our technicians get to your property, you can take the following steps to minimize water damage:

  • Mop the affected area to remove as much water as possible.
  • If the area has non-permanent rugs or coverings, remove them.
  • Move paintings, art objects, and photos to safety.
  • Open your windows and doors to enhance air circulation.

What does water damage mitigation involve?

Water damage mitigation aims to prevent further water damage from occurring to a home and its contents. We use specialized techniques and equipment to reduce the amount of loss. Our team can remove ruined materials such as flooring and drywall, clean and disinfect salvageable materials, extract water from the affected area, and dry your home. Water damage mitigation ensures that a water loss incident does not cause further consequences. To restore a house completely, we offer water damage restoration services.

How do you dry a home?

After extracting the water, we remove moisture from the affected area to prevent odors and mold growth. Since water can sip even in confined places, we can use several axial air movers to increase the evaporation rate. The machine drives in a large volume of dry air from outside to replace the cold, moist air in the affected property. It delivers lower pressure at higher volume giving it the ability to cover larger areas.

Can you disinfect my home?

Disinfecting the affected area is essential to prevent mold growth and eliminate potential contaminants that might have remained after water extraction. We use our advanced and approved products in conducting this task. Our SERVPRO team can treat the entire affected area, including the sub-floors and wall studs.

If water pools in your property, it can damage your drywall and other porous materials, leading to costly repairs. Contact SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington at (360) 658-0506 for effective water damage mitigation and restoration. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Marysville Residents Look to SERVPRO for Water Removal

7/31/2022 (Permalink)

a puddle of water on the hardwood floor of a living room To deal with water damage quickly in your home, contact SERVPRO immediately. We have the technical expertise to remediate and mitigate the damage.

SERVPRO is Available 24/7 for Marysville Properties That Need Water Removal

After water damage happens in a home, the restoration services must start as rapidly as possible. SERVPRO technicians are local and can be on-site with their equipment for the cleanup in a matter of hours. 

When SERVPRO handles Marysville water removal tasks, the technicians give detailed attention to the building materials to restore as much as possible through their advanced extraction and drying methods. The technicians have comprehensive training for handling all types of wall materials such as:

  • Sheetrock
  • Plaster over lathe
  • Wallpaper and tile

All of these types of walls require specific methods for dealing with excessive moisture. Sheetrock warps and buckles after exposure to water, and the techs may need to perform flood cuts. Plaster walls usually dry well, and the outcome is best if the lathe is metal rather than wood, particularly when the water has contaminants. The end result for wallpaper and tile depends on the amount of seepage and also how quickly the cleanup efforts began. 

SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington at (360) 658-0506 stands ready 24/7 to help local Marysville property owners with all water removal types.

When Fire Odors Affect Business in Marysville

7/31/2022 (Permalink)

a fire damaged office with debris all over the floor and a soot covered chair and desk Recovering after a fire is a daunting task. Contact SERVPRO for certified technicians and professional equipment. We are available 24/7.

SERVPRO Commercial Fire Restoration Services are Here

A fire at your business can leave unpleasant burnt odors for several weeks or months after the event. However, homeowners can significantly reduce this timeframe with a professional odor control technician. At SERVPRO, we use multiple odor control techniques, chemical agents, and equipment to ensure your business returns to its normal preloss condition without odor.

Facing fire damage in your Seattle company can be a traumatic experience. The lingering burnt odors make it difficult for staff to continue working and create an unpleasant environment for customers. Bad smells are volatile particles that can settle on or even penetrate porous surfaces. Some odors can become trapped inside textiles such as carpet fibers and release other bad smells when disturbed. To combat these issues, our technicians use absorption agents and powders that absorb humidity and odors together. These powders are sprinkled directly onto the carpet surface, forming a sealant between the odor particles and indoor air. We can also help you with:

  • Fire debris removal
  • Fire restoration
  • Smoke damages

Another method of controlling bad smells is with digestive enzymes. Enzymes are organic bacteria that help to break down substances on a molecular level converting them into odor-neutral particles such as carbon dioxide and water. We use these digestive enzymes primarily in restaurants suffering from kitchen fires where the causes of odor could be protein-based soiling. One of the core advantages of using a natural enzyme is that it can convert greasy smoke deposits into water-soluble substances. A simple detergent can be very effective on fatty soil deposits, providing that an enzyme has been applied first.

  • Adsorption agents are materials such as charcoal that can be used to filter unpleasant odors from indoor spaces. Equipment like air filtration devices incorporate these materials.
  • Electronic filtration devices can also be used in the home, which capture microscopic organisms and destroys them reducing odor.
  • Disinfectants and sanitizers are also useful in destroying or removing invisible odors from surfaces. 

If your business has an odor issue after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Marysville/ Arlington, quoting fire damage restoration at (360) 658-0506.