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Port Gamble Investigations Is Hosting a Special Event Close to Arlington

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Room with bare stubs showing. Storms can and will cause a flood. Flood damage should be mitigated by professionals. Call SERVPRO for the experience and know how.

Flood Damage on Your Property.

There is a recent trend nationwide of people being fascinated with things that aren't proven by science. The paranormal world, including the existence of ghosts, has lately intrigued people to explore things outside of what nature seems to offer. Luckily, those hunting for ghosts can have an experience near Arlington that they are not likely to forget.

Anyone has the chance to experience a three-hour tour that is happening at the Walker-Ames House in Poulsbo. The event happens on Saturdays in January, and the next one takes place on January 23. And it is vital to remember the following when attending this event:

Wear warm clothes because the house is cold.

Feel free to bring your cameras and any paranormal investigations equipment.

The event runs from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., and be sure to take a flashlight with you.

SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington can help you with all of your storm or flood damage needs. Please call us at (360) 658-0506 24/7.

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Offers Arlington Residents a Place Nearby to Learn New Techniques

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Post mitigation service on a water damaged floor If you are having water damage issues. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the water mitigation services needed.

Water Restoration in Snohomish County.

Woodworking professionals and hobbyists can both learn some new techniques through instruction. Woodworking classes at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware can be a good way to learn new techniques. The classes are lecture only, and they are open to anyone over the age of 18. Safety glasses are provided to all students, and they are asked not to wear loose clothing or open-toed shoes. Safety measures, including gloves, mask-wearing, social distancing, and frequent sanitizing of the classroom, will be in place.

The router tables basics class offered at 3 p.m. on January 14 teaches people how to make their router more versatile by teaching the following techniques:

Safely make fenced cuts.

Freehand cutting techniques.

Options for joinery.

Decorative edging options that are only available on a router table.

SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington can help residents in Snohomish County with all of their water restoration needs. We can provide fast, 24/7 service, and we can help you return your home to its preloss state, "Like it never even happened."

Fire Restoration Starts From the Beginning

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SERVPRO employee standing in front of a work vehicle Fire damage in a home can be very stressful. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the fire restoration services needed for your home.

A Professional Restoration Company Like SERVPRO Best handles fire Damage in Marysville.

Marysville, Washington is a small but growing city located about 35 miles north of Seattle. Currently, the city has a population of nearly 70,000 residents, but in 2015 it was rated the fastest growing city in the state.

The city sits on Interstate 5, and the Tulalip Indian Reservation is located just to the west. Views of the 5,300-foot peak of Mount Pilchuck can be seen from various points in the town. The city also lies just north of the Snohomish River Delta.

The City First Started as a Trading Post

The region's first settlers were the Snohomish Indian tribe, and they still have a reservation near Marysville today. Then, in 1872, the early Caucasian settlers were James and Maria Comesford that headed west to find a new life. When they first reached the area, the Comesfords lived on the Snohomish Indian Reservation and found work in one of the region's eighteen logging camps that ran the economy back then.

The Comesfords lived on the reservation for six years before they jumped at an opportunity of their lifetime to buy some land. In 1878 four men worked as traders in the timber industry, Louis Thomas, Captain William Renton, Truman Ireland, and John Stafford offered to sell nearly 1,300 acres that they owned. Comesford jumped on the opportunity and ended up purchasing the land for $450.

Once he bought the land, he built a store with a dock and a plank road named "Front Street." He also made living quarters for him and his wife that were attached to his store. After the trading post was built, the community started multiplying. The first year the Comesfords were there, the town grew to the point where some form of education became necessary.

In 1879, Mrs. Comesford decided to fulfill the need for education in the region and started teaching students inside her home. By 1880, the small community grew to the point where it needed a post office. The first post office was built only two years after the Comesfords bought the land, and James Comesford was named the city's first postmaster.

In 1887, the first sawmill opened up for operations in the city, bringing more jobs to the community. During the next several years, the Comesford's trading post strived as the region boomed with all of the area's logging camps. Many settlers arrived by steamboat to work in the town's sawmills and logging camps or buy property to farm.

In 1889, the railroad made it to the city, making it attract many more residents. In 1891, Comesford decided to incorporate the town, and a man named Mark Swinnerton was elected the city's first mayor. During the same year, the community was officially established, the Stimson Logging Company was formed, which brought a large amount of commerce to the region.

Marysville's first city hall was erected in 1901, and the city didn't get its first high school opened until 1906. The next year, the city's high school graduated its first class, and the town's first public library was formed. During the 1920s, Marysville earned the nickname "The Strawberry City" due to the abundance of strawberry farms in the region.

The City Is the Home to Several Parks and Public Lands

The town has a plethora of beautiful parks and scenic areas to visit, including:

Cedarcrest Vista Park: This beautiful neighborhood park is nearly two acres in size, and the amenities include a playground, picnic areas, a climbing wall, and a full-sized basketball court.

Doleshel Park: The city's newest park once was a Christmas tree farm, and the trees were recycled to create this 6.4-acre public land that hosts nature trails, walking paths, and picnic areas.

Bayview Trail: This mile and a quarter trail is paved and offers the chance for hikers, bikers, and skaters to trek through the Bayview-Whiskey Ridge utility corridor.

Comeford Park: This downtown park is named after the city's founders, and it offers residents and visitors a chance to relax and enjoy the sights inside one of its picnic grounds while the kids have fun in the playground.

Deering Wildflower Acres: This 30-acre, thickly forested plot of land contains over a mile trail through wetlands, ponds, and thick forests.

There Are Several Attractions within the City

Downtown Shopping: The downtown region between Third Street and State Avenue offers various shopping options.

Tulalip Casino: The 220,000 square foot casino offers all gambling types, from slot machines to table games. The reservation nearby also offers the Quil Ceda Creek Casino that offers a nightclub experience, and is known by locals as the "Q."

Seattle Premium Outlets: This open-air mall offers high-end retail stores and is home to over 100 vendors.

SERVPRO Can Help with Even the Smallest Fires

When most think of structural fires, they imagine blazes that torch most of their home. However, much of the time, when flames ignite inside a house, they stay small and do not burn an excessive amount of building materials. But, smoke can flow throughout any structure, even from the smallest fire.

Smoke can create problems such as soot residues or be the source of foul odors. Our SERVPRO technicians can take the following steps in mitigating issues created by smoke:

Removing Burnt Debris: Any building materials or contents that do get burnt can be removed to no longer be a source of the unpleasant aroma.

Cleaning and Removing Soot Residues: Our SERVPRO team can use a combination of dry cleaning and wet chemical cleaning methods depending on the type of affected surfaces.

Structural Deodorization: If burnt smells still exist after we remove burnt debris and clean soot residues, then we can take a step to deodorize, such as using a UL or thermal fogger or an ozone generator.

SERVPRO of Marysville/Arlington is always available to assist you when dealing with fire damage at your home. You can call us at (360) 658-0506 anytime because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Impressive Holiday Lights in Arlington this Year

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snow, wreath on door, lights on house SERVPRO says to enjoy the Holiday Lights while we remove the water from your Arlington home

Prestige and prizes await the best Arlington holiday lights.

Holiday lights return to Arlington this year with a special flare – an official competition has been launched, and some of our neighbors are pulling out all the stops to win! Holiday lights are undoubtedly a staple of the American spirit, but not all holiday displays are created equal. The city Parks & Rec department has scheduled December 15 as the day to tour around the city and take in the very best of its lights. An official map can be viewed on the official Arlington, but if that feels a bit too formal, everyone is welcome to tour the streets at their own leisure.

The downtown area should be lit up from November 28 onward, but by the 15th, the city government expects the whole town to shine. Three prizes are available for the best displays by local homes and businesses, to incentivize some real competition between neighbors. If you want in on the competition, the link from the city site should take you to the sign-up page, too. Just don’t forget to pick up your decorations before stores sell out!

SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington is a local water removal company ready to clean up after any disaster in your home. Call us 24/7 at (360) 658-0506.

An Awesome Wreath-Making Opportunity Near Marysville

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holiday evergreen wreath Create a Holiday Wreathe while SERVPRO Remediates the Mold from Your Marysville residence

Just outside Marysville, this woman hosts a wonderful wreath-crafting class!

Not even half an hour away from Marysville, a wonderful hands-on holiday crafting opportunity awaits. Every year, local Snohomish craftswoman Stacie Blay hosts a workshop in traditional wreath-making using plants foraged locally in nearby woods. A far cry from the usual store-bought stuff, these wreaths display vibrance and beauty only possible with a practiced hand and carefully selected plants.

Mrs. Blay, along with her family, hand-picks the crafting materials from the forests around her home. Every year is a bit different: one year she may find lots of vibrantly colorful berries, and on the next she may instead bring home lush evergreen foliage. It is an activity best done by adults (since these wreaths are of the extra-large variety), but a team of kids can make some magic happen, too.

If this sounds like a workshop for you, Mrs. Blay will host it all day on the 5th and 6th of December. Tickets cost $45, and you may want to call ahead to reserve a spot. Plan for about a 30-minute drive from Marysville, as the address is at 10319 196th Street Southeast, Snohomish. Dress warm!

SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington is a professional mold removal company that stands ready to help 24/7 when disaster strikes. Call us at (360) 658-0506.

Water Removal in Marysville Needed? Call SERVPRO!

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marysville food bank sign SERVPRO donates to the Marysville Food Bank and protects your home from water damage with rapid removal.

How a late-night call could save you thousands in restoration costs on your Marysville home

You might be surprised to hear this, but Marysville used to be a rough-and-tumble prospector town, without any of the prospecting. Surrounding our town are a few wonderful strawberry farms, and while they may add a bit of country character to our town, they do not show much of their history. Marysville used to be one of the biggest strawberry-growing settlements in the world, and for a while, our town seemed to be whipped into a frenzy about those delicious little berries.

Pioneers and Tulalip Build a Town Together

Like many Western settlements, Marysville started out with just a few industries keeping it afloat. Lumber was an important one, with much of the surrounding forests cleared away over the years, but thankfully these areas have rebounded into the wonderful natural areas we know and love. After the forests were cleared, settlers put their heads together to figure out what the best use for the rich land might be. Within a few short years, strawberry farming had taken root.

Some of the earliest strawberry farmers came from the local Tulalip population. While the berries were first brought in by pioneers from the east, Tulalip farmers quickly recognized the suitability of the crop in their soil and used the town’s long-established trading post to sell their crop for cash. In addition to Tulalip entrepreneurs in the lumber industry, these families represented some of the wealthiest inhabitants of early Marysville.

Prospecting Berries, Not Gold

By the 20th Century, our town was starting to grow quickly. Saloons, sheriffs, and other staples of Western prospecting lined our streets. But it was not gold or silver drawing people here – it was (on top of the wonderful environment) the lucrative berry farming that was starting to explode. Around this time, product advertisements had made strawberries a highly sought-after commodity in Chicago, New York, and other big cities around the country. At the same time, a co-op organization helped local farmers connect with these markets and achieve success. As the fields expanded, the value of their products soared ever higher, and Marysville became an increasingly attractive place to former miners, homesteaders, and anyone else coming out to the West.

But, with that prospective population came some caveats. While most of the farmers were gentle, family-oriented folk, the city began to develop a downtown area that became increasingly rowdy. In the 1910s, the town was ahead of its time in paving sidewalks and streets to facilitate vehicle travel. In those days, nobody knew how to drive, and some of the earliest attempts at traffic control were even met with violent vandalism. The onset of the Great Depression greatly hurt the town, fueling burglaries and robberies among desperate individuals. Thankfully, these effects soon petered out, and by the 1940s, Marysville became less of a frontier settlement and more of the comfortable, welcoming community we know today.

In those days, excitement could be hard to find in a farming community, so the citizens banded together to build up a reputation for their crop. For a time, the town became known as “The Strawberry City,” and it grew steadily year-over-year. The Marysville Strawberry Festival, which continues to run year after year, began as a means for farmers to sell their crop and for the town to begin developing some tourism business.

The Town’s Changing Face

Unfortunately, disaster struck in 1955, when a sudden cold front froze the entire strawberry crop for a year. Many of the farms were still small, family-owned affairs, without any crop insurance. Uninsured farmers who did not have enough savings to survive until the next harvest were forced to sell their properties, and almost overnight, the strawberry industry collapsed. New farmers would replace many of the old ones, but unfortunately, the industry never recovered.

Throughout the latter half of the century, farmlands were bought up and turned into residential areas, greatly expanding the city while removing some of the charm that once defined it. Today, some strawberry farms still operate around the borders of town, and the Strawberry Festival still carries on as a legacy of the past. If you have not already, make sure to check out the Festival when it comes around next June. On top of a car show, fashion show, carnival, and multiple parades, the Festival also hosts friendly farmers with locally grown berries, perfect for preserving, juicing, or just eating straight off the stems.

Speed Makes a Difference in Marysville Water Removal

As a local Marysville expert in water removal, SERVPRO takes every step necessary to ensure rapid responses to emergency situations. Our successful formula, perfected over decades with input from franchises around the country, relies on our ability to reach you in time to prevent the most severe damage from happening.

Calling us as soon as disaster strikes can eventually prevent most of the damage to your home and can keep our restoration work to a minimum. By calling us as soon as possible,

  • We can identify and stop the source of the water, preventing further damage from occurring.
  • We can get in touch with your insurance company to ensure smooth, timely payouts.
  • We implement water extraction tools that prevent structural damage to your home
  • We immediately begin the drying process, stopping mold from taking root.

The scale of our response depends on the scale of your situation. The first person to arrive at your home, just hours after your call (even in the middle of the night), is our inspector. The SERVPRO inspector determines what machinery we should bring in, what hazards may be present in the building, and what you can do to help. By scaling the solution to the problem, we save you time and money, and keep our resources available for any other disasters that may happen in the community.

SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington responds 24/7 to emergency requests for water removal and other critical damage mitigation services. Our phone lines are always open at (360) 658-0506.

Get in the Holiday Spirit in Marysville

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Black dog wearing a green SERVPRO shirt Bark away your water damage worries and call SERVPRO.

Join the Mayor of Marysville in a Virtual Lighting of the Tree and Community Lights Event

Even though this year is different from other years, families still can enjoy the holiday spirit safely with various activities in Marysville, both virtually and socially distanced. On Saturday, December 5, Mayor Jon Nehring will light the community Christmas tree and broadcast the ceremonial event virtually so you can enjoy it at home. 

Following the virtual lighting ceremony, the Marysville Home for the Holidays - Community Lights Event begins on December 10. 

Here are some details:

  • Register by December 1, if you wish to participate in the Community Lights Contents.
  • Categories include; most creative, best curb appeal, and fun family favorite. 
  • Homes with the best displays win prizes donated by community sponsors. 
  • Download a map for a self-guided tour to view the participating homes.  

SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington serves your community for home restoration needs. If you require water restoration assistance in Marysville, contact us 24/7 at (360) 658-0506.

It’s Time to Grow a Green Thumb in Marysville

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a person tending to potted plants on a table It will be exciting to see the community at the Sunnyside Nursery!

Inside Air Can Still Be Fresh Air for Marysville Residents

Houseplants are a simple, and natural way to clean the air inside your home. On November 14th from 10:00 am to 11:00 am PST, Sunnyside Nursery in Marysville hosts a free, online class to help residents select the best options for their home or business.

Their in-house expert, Holli Schippers, can assist with every type and size of residence and many businesses. Sunnyside Nursery has a wide variety of plants with every color and texture available and allowed in the state of Washington.

Do More Than Clean the Air, Improve It!

Besides removing malodors and particulates, houseplants can also provide pleasing odors that add to the enjoyment of each room. The strength and type of fragrance depend on the individual, but Sunnyside Nursery is ready to help with every residential and commercial need.

When your Marysville business needs more than plants to remove odors from commercial fire damage, call SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington at (360) 658-0506. We are here to return your facility to a clean, odor-free condition.

Should You Call SERVPRO or Your Business Insurer First after Flood Damage to Your Store?

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

Image of question marks floating Contact SERVPRO for the answers you need today.

Marysville Business Owners want to Know the Facts about Flood Damage.

Marysville is a delightful place to live and do business – but anyone who settles here soon learns that they have chosen a wet area of the country! Snohomish County gets an average of 46 inches of rainfall per year, several inches above the national average of 38 inches. Floods are a real possibility here, and store owners need to know what to do in such an event.

If you suffer flood damage to your Marysville store, you will most likely wonder what to do first. Most of us do not think clearly when disaster strikes, leading to poor decision making. One of the first questions you may ask is when to call your business insurer. Should you do it straight away, or wait till SERVPRO has a chance to assess the damage?

Who to call first?

We recommend you call your insurance company first. They will give you a number to call to make a claim. Then, call in a remediation company. You do not have to wait for your insurance adjuster to arrive before making the call.

Can my insurer tell me which remediation company to call?

Your insurer cannot tell you which remediation company you can use. However, they will most likely give you a shortlist of recommended companies. When choosing, find out:

  • If the company arrives promptly - SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington will be on-site within four hours of receiving your call.
  • If their technicians are well trained – we train our staff to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards
  • If they liaise with your insurance company on your behalf – we are happy to do that

Feel free to take pictures while waiting for us to arrive. Our technicians will also take photographs, but it is never a bad idea to have extras on hand.

Can you start cleaning your store before we arrive?

The answer depends on the extent of the damage and the type of water involved in the flood. Do not start cleaning if:

  • You suspect flood water contains raw sewage, chemicals, or anything hazardous to health
  • There are electrical risks due to flooded electronics
  • There are debris, exposed nails, low lighting, or slip and fall hazards
  • The room is structurally unsound, for example, due to a sagging ceiling

However, if the area is safe to enter and you are confident the water is free of contaminants, you may:

  • Mop or soak up water from the floor and furniture
  • Pick up and hang rugs
  • Remove colored items such as magazines or books from floors
  • Place foil under furniture legs to prevent rust stains on the carpet

Use mops or cloths to soak up water – regular vacuums are not designed for use with water. Please also refrain from setting up fans in the area before we arrive.

Should you start throwing away unsalvageable items?

Please do not dispose of any items, even if you are sure they are unsalvageable. Your insurance company will want proof of what is salvageable and what is not. If you throw an item away, you can no longer prove that you need to replace it.

What happens when SERVPRO arrives?

We will begin with an assessment of your store. As well as visually inspecting the damage, we will use professional equipment to measure moisture and humidity levels in your premises. We examine everything from the walls and ceilings to individual pieces of furniture, carpets, and subfloors.

We will let you know our verdict and our advice for the next best steps. Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we will never start cleaning until you have seen and approved our remediation plan.

We remove excess water with pumps and wands, and clear way items we need to clean or dispose of. Then we set up air movers, dehumidifiers, and portable heaters if required to create an effective drying environment. Thorough drying is vital for preventing structural damage and mold growth. That is why we monitor moisture and humidity throughout.

Can SERVPRO help with your claim?

We can interact with your insurance provider and give them our professional opinion about your claim. We can provide technical information, pictures, and details of our assessment to help your case. If we cannot save an item and the only option is a replacement, we will ensure your insurer is aware of that and provide evidence.

Can you do anything ahead of time to speed up a claim?

We recommend all local businesses set up their own SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP). This free app provides an online record of your store's critical information and what staff should do in an emergency. You can register us as your go-to restorer, and even submit a notice of loss through the app to save time.

If your store has flood damage, call SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington at (360) 658-0506.

Where to Find Water Restoration Services in Arlington?

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water damaged home If you need professional water restoration services, do not wait.

Our Expert SERVPRO Techs Can Provide Water Restoration Services to Your Arlington Home!

Discovering a leak in need of water restoration services in the upstairs bathroom of your Arlington home is never a good thing. Excess moisture in your home is a recipe for trouble. Water left to its own devices can cause damage to the physical structure of your house. Furthermore, it can also promote microbial growth.

The best way to help your home once water is discovered is to promptly look for local Arlington water restoration services. Contacting professionals, such as SERVPRO, as quickly as possible can minimize damage. The less time water has to sit in your home, the better.

What Can Water Do if Left Unchecked in My Bathroom?
Let's imagine the plumbing behind your shower is leaking. If left unattended, it could cause the following issues:
    •    Split, cracked, and raised tile flooring
    •    Mold growth in the framing of your home
    •    Swelling in the structure of your home

None of the scenarios mentioned above are ideal. However, should the baseboard or the framing of your home absorb water, here at SERVPRO, we can provide help. We use advanced technological devices to draw moisture out of your home and minimize the risks of complications such as microbial growth.

What Devices Could SERVPRO Use in My Bathroom?
Luckily, most bathrooms are small spaces, which can speed up the restoration process, as there is less space to cover. To remediate the example of a leaky shower, our techs could:
    •    Set up drying technology, such as floor drying mats, dehumidifiers, and heaters
    •    Use infrared technology to search for hidden pockets of moisture
    •    Drill small holes in the walls to feed air blasting tubes through

Using devices such as air blasting tubes allows us to feed dry air directly to the structure of your home. Our goals are to get your bathroom as dry as possible and return it to you in its preloss state.

If you need professional water restoration services, do not wait. Speak with SERVPRO of Marysville / Arlington by dialing (360) 658-0506. We're open 24/7.